Moving Security safes, Gun Safes, Fireproof Filing Cabinets

AFFORD Sydney Security safe Removals provide removals service for Security safes. We handle removals of different types of Security safes - Commercial safe, Chubb safe, Domestic safe, Deposit safe, Computer Data & Micro Film safe, Fire Resistant safe, Government safe, Gun safe, Travel Agents safe, Fire Resistant File Cabinet, Record Protection safe, High Security safe etc. that provides protection against theft and fire. But all Security safe have one feature in common, Security safe are designed not to be moved easily, all safe are made to be heavy. A typical Security Safe , Data Safe or Fire Resistant File Cabinet weight in the range of 250Kg to 400Kg. When comes to Security safe Removals, or simply disposing your old safe, especially if you have any stair to go up or down, or , you should always get professional safe remover for the job to avoid damage to yourself and the property. Whether you are just moving safe within your office, house, same building or to a new location, you can count on Afford Security safe Removalists to get safe relocation job done for you. Security safe, Commercial safe or File Resistant File Cabinets are very heavy and are desinged to be hard to move. Unlike moving household furniture, proper safe moving procedure must be followed to ensure safety to your safe, property and the removalists. For every move, we provide minimum 3 removalists for the job and require detail assessment of access at both ends. Factors like any steps, how many flights of stairs, internal stairs, number of steps, narrow hallway, tight corner, floor type, steps at entrance, nature of drive way etc. have to be considered. To enquire and quote, please give us a call or kindly fill out the following form and we will promptly response to your enquiry.

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