Why hire a piano removalist ?

Moving pianos is a specialized trade, due to the sheer weight of pianos and different obstacles involved, for the sake of safety to yourself, the people helping you, the properties and to avoid damaging the piano, a proper piano removalist should be engaged for your piano relocation. Proper piano removalists have all the experience to deal with various obstacles with the necessary tools to avoid any serious accident and damage to your piano.

Are you a genuine piano removalists ?

We have been moving pianos in Sydney and neighboring regions for over 15years. Moving Pianos and other heavy items is our only business. We do not move general furniture ๐Ÿ‘

How much cost to move a piano in Sydney ?

The cost of moving Pianos depends on a number of factors ๐Ÿ‘

The type of piano, whether itโ€™s a typical medium size or oversize upright piano or a baby grand piano that are popular for home use, or larger concert grand pianos that are more commonly used in professional occasions.

The locations and distance involved in relocating the piano, whether it's relocating within Sydney major metro areas, or relocating in Central Coast, The Blue Mountains, Wollongong, Southern Highlands, or other regions.

The access conditions : whether itโ€™s all flat access, or any stairs involved

In general, a local piano move on average cost from $180 - $800 , while a long distance piano relocation cost ranges from $700 - $2000. The actual cost depends on the various factors mentioned above.

How much does local piano moving cost ?

Local Piano Relocation on average cost ranges from $180 to $800, depending on the type of pianos, distance and whether any stairs steps involved. Cost moving upright pianos is lower than moving Grand Pianos, because moving Grand pianos involves removing the legs, the lids, the pedal etc.. while moving upright is relatively straightforward as no dismantling of the piano is necessary.

We are moving house, do you do house moving as well ?

No, we don't do house furniture moving. We move pianos and pool tables only. If it's just a couple of heavy items, we can help, bu not the entire house.

Are you insured ?

Ofcourse we are fully insured. We are insured for any damage to the piano during moving, we are insured against any damage to the properties involved.