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AFFORD Sydney Piano Removalists provide removals service for Upright Piano and Grand Pianos .

Piano is a great piece of musical instrument. Whether you're just a piano beginner or professional piano player, playing piano can bring great joy to you and your family. But when comes to piano removals, you should get a professional piano remover for the job. Whether you are just moving piano within your house, the same building or to a new location, you can count on Afford Piano Removalists to get your piano relocation job done for you.

Pianos are very heavy and delicate. A typical Upright Piano weights 240-280kg, while Grand Pianos generally weight 300-400kg. Unliking moving household furniture, proper piano moving procedure must be followed to ensure safety to your piano, property and the removalists. For every move, we provide 2 removalists and a supervisor for the job and require detail assessment of access at both ends. Factors like any steps, how many flights of stairs, internal stairs, number of steps, narrow hallway, tight corner, floor type, steps at entrance, nature of drive way etc. have to be considered.

You may check out our cost, or to enquire and quote, please kindly fill out the following form and we will promptly response to your enquiry or give us a call.

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