Moving Pool Table Sydney Brisbane

AFFORD Pool Table Removalists provide removals service for Pool Table, Snooker Table, Billard Table and other Heavy tables like stone /marble tables, serving Sydney and Brisbane areas .

Billiards table , commonly known as pool table, is an indoor sport played throughout the world. Many restaurants, bars and pubs have billiard tables, and the popularity of billiard tables in private homes is increasing.

The playing surface of a billiard table has traditionally been made using a large slab of slate . Slate is a bluish-gray rock that cleaves (splits naturally) in broad, flat segments. Mainly composed of chlorite, mica and quartz, slate is formed when layers of clay sediment (the soil and debris that settles at the bottom of a body of water) with large concentrations of these minerals are compressed into sedimentary rock. The sediment hardens in thin layers as it compresses, creating a very hard rock with hundreds of naturally flat layers. Slate can be ground and polished into a perfectly flat surface fairly easily, which is why it is sought after for billiard tables. The best slate for billiard tables comes from Italy. Because of this, Italian slate is preferred for a quality billiard table. Standard quality slate is normally 1-inch thick and weighs between 180 kg to 300 kg. Together with other parts forming a complete Pool Table, that adds up to a lot of weight.

So when comes to Pool Table | Billiard Table | Snooker table removals, you should get a professional Pool Table removalist for the job. Whether you are just moving Pool Table within your house, the same building or to a new location, you can count on Afford Pool Table Removalists to get your Pool Table relocation job done for you.

Pool Tables are very heavy with large surface area that can not withstand slightest scratch or dent. Unliking moving household furniture, proper Pool table moving procedure must be followed to ensure safety to your Pool table, property and the removalists. For every move, we provide minimum 3 removalists for the job and require detail assessment of access at both ends. Factors like any steps, how many flights of stairs, internal stairs, number of steps, narrow hallway, tight corner, floor type, steps at entrance, nature of drive way etc. have to be considered.

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