The business of Moving Piano is very different from typical household furniture. Apart from being extremely heavy weighing between 250 - 300kg, Upright Piano is also a very delicate musical instrument. Unlike carrying a couple of suitcase or bed mattress, there is absolute no room for error. Any mistake will only result in damaging your Piano, your floor or third party property. Removing Piano must be carried out by experienced and mature personnel equipped with proper tools to tackle all kinds of situation.

The cost of Moving Piano depends on the size of the piano and access conditions at both pickup and delivery locations .

Ground level to ground level Piano relocation : for major suburbs within Sydney area, generally the basic charge starts from $225 for smaller Pianos under 120cm height to $280 for Pianola.

Stairs and upper floor access Piano Removals : For elevated or upper floor stairs access, the Piano has to be fully protected with paddings and timber boards and the Piano has to be turned to stand on its side for moving. Afford Pianos Removals is fully equipped with all the necessary tools to handle the toughest access conditions of moving Pianos upstairs or downstairs. Additional cost of $30 applies for minor steps to $50 for each flight of stairs, depending on the access conditions.

Steep Driveway access Piano Removals : steep driveway possess great risk of smashing runaway Piano, especially when wet, slippery or uneven surface. For absolute safety, Piano has to be winched up or down. Driveway of such condition attracts surcharge of $40 per car space distance.

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